Barbara Beltrame
Barbara Beltrame
Bridal Houte Couture

It is perhaps the most dreamed about dress, the one you imagine wearing from when you are young. For this reason, it must be a masterpiece. Every woman deserves the best for her big day. After years of vigorous study, Barbera Beltrame is today one of the most popular wedding dress stylists. But when you cross the threshold of her tailors, she becomes simply Barbara, an old friend, someone who understands what you want even before you explain it. If there is something that can be done to make you more beautiful, she understands it, she suggests it, and she does it for you. 

Coming from a family of artists, wood carvers, carpenters, painters and tailors, Barbera has, from when she was young, had only passion; drawing and creating wedding dresses and haute couture. Over the years, due to strong commitment, dedication, precision and curiosity, she has learned and acquired the best design techniques for haute couture and wedding dresses. Innovation and research, style and fabrics which are ‘Made in Italy’ and attention to the smallest details all contribute to making Barbara Beltrame’s style unique and inimitable. 

Barbaras objective when creating her collection is to enhance the true essence and innate femininity of every. This is why wearing a made to measure dress, designed by a passionate professional who creates and draws, models and sews the product that is cut to emphasise your feminine essence takes on the maximum importance when extracting a beauty that must be celebrated with style and elegance. Dressing a bride and seeing them wear her creations is always a emotional for Barbara and is a stimulus for her to continue to improve.

There is only one dress. Only one which is right for each bride, for her personality, for her character and for her intimate femininity. The dress must suit the figure, conceal the soul and reveal the essence through the cut, the fabric and the perfect details. Every Barbara Beltrame dress is designed and made in Udine, with fabrics of the highest quality and with the best techniques of haute couture. This means that the dress will be unique, perfectly aligned with the character of the bride, adapting gently to the shape of her body, elevating and emphasizing her strengths and minimising the physical aspects that she likes the least. As everyone knows, every woman has something about their body that they would like to hide. With a tailored wedding dress, every bride learns to love themselves completely on the most beautiful day of her life. Barbara Beltrame dresses fit every bride perfectly, like a glove, worn once, to make her feel comfortable. They are unique and simply fantastic. Just like you had dreamed it would be.


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