Giulia Sambucco
Giulia Sambucco
Pastry Chef

A triumph of quality and beauty, it is impossible not to compare the wedding cakes made by Giulia Sambucco, in the bakery of the same name, to real works of art. Giulia is not simply a baker, but an artist able to create works of art with ladles, spatulas and piping bags. Giulia is a daughter of the art: the Sambucca family are the oldest bakers in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Angelo Sambucco moved from Nogaredo di Corno, near Coseano, to Codroipo in 1665. The Sambucco dynasty of bakers has continued uninterrupted, but it is thanks to Iginio that the activities gathered momentum and expanded. In 1947, from the moment he entered the company, Iginio gave the family business new life and expanded to Casarsa della Delizia and to Udine. The management of the first bakery was entrusted to one of Igino’s children, Glauco.

Glauco, father of Giulia, began to produce panettone in addition to bread. He then started to move away from making bread, and dedicated himself completely to sweets. This is how the Pasticceria Sambucco was founded in 1973. Giulia Sambucco, following the long family tradition, is continuing the bakery’s activities. In particular, in addition to following in the steps of her father Glauco and her mother Maria Luisa, she is also breaking new ground in production thanks to her university studies. She started to play with sweets when she was young and, still a student, she loved giving new shape to her products. Despite her commitments in the kitchen, Giulia graduated with top marks in Science and Dietary Technology and attended specialized courses of ‘Cake Designer’ and baker. Among the most influential teachers of her studies, are Luca Montersino, Phillipe Bertrand, Gianluca Aresu, and Gianbattista Montanari. 

With strong academic and practical experience, Giulia knows how to give her best to the creation of wedding cakes.  Giulia’s wedding cakes are a triumph of choosing the very best ingredients to create the best connection between taste and the needs of the bride and groom. Thanks to her passion, her style and her imagination, her sculptures are transformed into a wonderful art form. They are a joy for the eyes and pure ecstasy for the palate. With every bite, it is impossible not to appreciate the delicacy and balance of the flavours and tastes. The wedding cakes made by Giulia Sambucco are not merely a sweet, but are an experience of sensations that lend class, elegance and originality to your wedding. 


Pasticceria Sambucco di Sambucco Glauco
Viale Venezia n.64, Casarsa della Delizia (PN)
Tel. +39 043486149