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Luca Tassotto
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We know of only one way to be able to tell the story of one of the happiest days of a married couple, taking pictures that are full of heart. The staff at the Tassotto & Max photo studio decided many years ago that this was the only way to capture emotions and feelings. For this reason, our photo shoots are never the same, or even similar because every story is as unique as every couple is unique. 

The way that your most emotional day is represented must be unique. Every single photograph in the newlyweds’ photoshoot strives not only for perfection in style, colour and composition, but also to pull at the hearts of those who lived those moments, at that moment, and in many years. 

In the days leading up to the ceremony we love to meet the bride and groom, to get to know them better, to understand their expectations and their tastes. The rest goes without saying: usually, in advance, we ask who the most important people are for them. Often however, the information turns out to be useless. Those closest to the bride and groom and their feelings cannot be missed by a trained eye. It is impossible not to recognise the face of a grandmother who sees her beloved grandchild at the alter. It is the unique look of someone looking at her ‘baby’. 

Every wedding is emotional for us, capturing people’s most beautiful feelings: the love, the friendship, the affection. There are the looks from the groom at the alter when the bride arrives at the church, which often move us too. The palpable tension at the bride’s house while they are making the final preparations, only a few minutes before the long awaited moment. Eyes searching for each other, and then, in a moment of emotion, they meet. There are parents, who have made so many sacrifices to reach this point who warmly embrace as their children happily leave the nest. All of these must be captured. 

Our staff are there for this, because, strengthened by decades of experience, they want the pictures of your most emotional day to be emotional themselves. The result that we guarantee for our newlyweds is simply this: to capture their love, and to guard it forever in the form of refined and genuine pictures whose timeless style will make a really nice, elegant, solid product. Every time you open your photo album, you will be moved by the most precious love story. Yours!


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