Sara Pittana
Sara Pittana

With Maravee Entertainment you won’t have A wedding, but THE wedding, an emotional occasion that will be etched into the minds not only of the bride and groom, but also of the guests. Maravee’s success is due to the fact that it is made up of a very close-knit group of young people who captivate the wedding guests. Our energetic and creative jugglers, acrobats, jokers and fire-eaters will surprise, amaze and charm your guests from the moment of their arrival. At your wedding feast every guest needs to be happy, free to share the joy of the bride and groom without any limits. For Maravee the celebration is a moment of joy for everyone both adult and children. The entertainment should not just be for adults, allowing them to be young again, at least for the day, but there should also be a focused entertainment for the real children. Children and celebrations may be a dangerous and explosive mix at times, with scenes that have been seen a thousand times: moms and dads having to look after their children instead of enjoying the show. 

With Maravee, entertainment and boredom are light-years apart. Our entertainers, with decades of experience specializing in entertaining children can be trusted with the little ones. You can be sure that they are in safe hands. Our staff are able to organise every kind of entertainment and this service is aimed especially at children 3 to 10 years of age. The NANNY service is available for the youngest children and our highly-trained staff are ready to take care of them. Our entertainers, who have several years professional experience will also look after your children during the meal and they will sit at the children’s table to help them eat and will then start with the activities. The bride and the groom can choose from numerous additional services such as wedding bags or confetti cannons or other services such as the make up for children, balloons modelers, wizards, baby dance, storytellers, shows with soap bubbles and balloon art, with plenty of coloured balloons. If you want, we can surprise your children with fluffy toys, the cotton candy cart, popcorn, bounce houses and the soap bubbles machine. Children will easily forget where they are and will dive into a party inside the party just for them. The only problem will be taking them home because it will be difficult for them to leave us. Happy children mean happy parents. And happy parents are guests who can fully enjoy what the bride and the groom have prepared for their special day.


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