Gerry Paredes
Gerry Paredes
Music & Lights

We contribute to transforming your dreams into reality by giving your wedding day the atmosphere that best suits your tastes and personality. Through lights, colours and sounds, every ceremony has a unique character and unmistakable elegance. The strength of GP Events is in the network and knowledge built over many years of work which allow us to fulfill all of your desires.

 You don’t know how to enhance an already wonderful location? Do you have many clear ideas for music for the ceremony and the reception but you don’t know who to contact? We have all the answers and the right ideas for you. To personalize a location, nothing is better than lights: we are able to design, for example, perfect internal and external lighting. We can create special moments through suggestive lighting made by LED, fibre optics, bright compliments and architectural illuminations. 

Then, fundamental for a successful ceremony is the sound track. In this field, we are available for both the ceremony and for the reception afterwards. Whether in church, in the Town Hall, or in a different place  you have chosen for your ‘yes’, we guarantee classical musicians who will perform live;  solo, or accompanied by others. There is also a need for appropriate music throughout  the wedding feast, that transmits emotions unique to the newlyweds. The DJ set that we offer is researched and looked after to the smallest detail and will create an atmosphere suitable for each occasion, from the reception to the party, always bearing in mind the type of people you have invited to your wedding and to the style you have chosen.

There is also the possibility to have a live band who can satisfy any request or keep the sound that you have decided on. Choosing ‘made to measure’ music can make your most beautiful day unforgettable. We guarantee experience and professionalism combined with a large repertoire, for every couple that puts their trust in us. 

Among the other services we offer you on your most beautiful day is the exclusive open bar. This is a very high level service, where our highly professional barmen create the most delicious cocktails for every taste. Finally, if you want, we can propose choreography with the best performers to give a bit more exclusivity and originality to your wedding.


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