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Wedding Italy
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As a network of professional wedding vendors committed to creating first-class events, Wedding in Friuli Venezia Giulia could not be without its own Wedding Planner. The city of Udine is home to the headquarters of WeddingItaly®, the long-standing professional wedding planning agency that has organized thousands of weddings in the most evocative Italian locations for couples coming from all over the world with offices in Florence, Tuscany, and Monopoli, Puglia. Wedding Italy started back in 1999 following an original idea, and he is considered a pioneer and a trail maker in wedding planning in Friuli and all over the rest of Italy.

The distinguishing feature is, in fact, the international perspective that the wedding planners, in Udine as well as in Friuli, should always bear in mind when assisting the brides and the grooms wishing to organize a destination wedding: in Italy, the role of the wedding planner is still perceived as secondary and merely “supportive”. The role is mostly considered to be little more than taking care of decorations and the outfitting of the wedding. Here, at Wedding Italy, we are instead committed to assisting our brides and grooms throughout the romantic journey, leading the way to their wedding: helping with any practical and human factor, as well as taking care of every detail. We like working with our couples as a team. A modern and “American” way of wedding planning, but with an Italian soul.

The wealth of experience is the distinguishing feature of the team of Wedding Planners at Wedding in Friuli Venezia Giulia: it makes the difference when compared to other companies in the same industry. We guarantee our future brides and grooms safe and reliable support, built on the experience we have gathered through thousands of weddings planned throughout these years. Our expertise ensures our couples a successful event: a great reassurance, even for the most “anxious” brides! The importance of this “human” assistance is crucial when looking at the role of a Wedding Planner, especially when strengthened by years of practical experience.


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