Michela Nobile
Michela Nobile
Wedding Favors

One of the happiest days of your life, and the gratitude for those who made it special, can live on through a symbolic object. For more than half a century our aim has been to represent you and your love through items like this. For this reason, we want every detail, shape, colour and material to say something about you. The shop to which I, Michela Nobile give my heart and soul, was started by my parents. Then, as now, my creations arise from a  look that brides and grooms unintentionally give each other when they come into my shop. I try to capture that look in the object, which can be useful or decorative, but will be undoubtedly unique. The couple’s gifts have to be emotional for them, and at the same time convey that emotion to others. It has to amaze, too. 

First of all, my products are only of the most exclusive and refined brands, which are the result of constant and careful research and constant exploration of the market which guarantees my clients the most exclusive objects. My selection is one of the widest available and contains both useful and ornamental objects, which, depending on the use, can be made of materials such as crystal or silver, metal, wood or porcelain. My job is to advise and help the couples choose the object that best represents them and to package it with the bride and grooms’ favourite colours and style while keeping an eye towards current trends and suggesting details that can make the difference. The packaging of the wedding favours can be customized using materials chosen by brides and grooms. 

For some years, special attention has been paid to the ‘confetti’, a sweet that is fundamental to every ceremony and which are available in numerous varieties: from the classic chocolate or almond to soft white or coloured sugar coated sweets available in 40 different flavours such as cream and fruits. During the wedding feast, we love to devote a space to these candies that we call “confettate”, which is a sweet moment for the guests. We set up a table with lights and crystal bowls and decorations. In the bowls there are tasty and refined candies which you cannot resist. I love to coordinate the wedding favours with the candies and display both of them on one table to create a spectacular display. It’s perfect when the wedding favours match everything else and they act like a ‘ticket of participation’.

 In my shop there are many types of wedding announcements to choose from , with colours and graphics that can be personalized. They can be decorated with ribbons to match the style and colour of the ceremony. 

Over the past few years I realized that I have been following the right path.  I have always given my best to the bride and grooms, and I know I have many satisfied customers because those who have chosen my services have always come back in the following years for the baptism of the children or for other occasions. My professionalism is recognized by several Institutions: I am councilwoman at the chamber of commerce of Venezia-Giulia, vice-president of Confcommercio Gorizia and President of Gruppo Mondo Casa/Federmobili.


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